Adult Sunday School


The Sunday School classroom is the one classroom no one ever outgrows.

Sunday School is a means of God’s grace for the study of scripture and growth in Christian discipleship. Every person needs the fellowship and support that a small group provides. We proudly offer a wonderful assortment of Sunday School classes for all ages and interests. Join us Sundays at 9:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall (C14) for light refreshments. Class is at 9:30.


The class curriculum includes current Biblical issues,  video,  and  discussion  series  on issues facing young adults in today’s world.  Relaxed  atmosphere  with  snacks.  Facebook, summer activities, etc.  Leader: Rick Dickey. Meets in room A3.

Christ’s Quilt Class

A Sunday School Class made up of all ages and backgrounds where what we have in common is love for Jesus and each other.  All are welcome to this crazy, fun group!  Meets in room B1


The adult Bible study class uses Cokesbury literature.  This  class  fosters  a  “family environment”  where  each  person  loves, respects  and  encourages  each  other. Teacher: Paul Lingle. Meets in room C6.


The adult class is an open forum with open discussion about each lesson. The class has in-depth  discussions  of  local  and  national current events and social issues as related to scripture lessons. We offer love and support for one another as we grow in our spiritual understanding  of  God’s  Word  and  His expectation for us.

Meets in room A6.


This adult class uses a variety of Bible Study materials and topics which deal  with family issues and current events in a great Bible Study setting. We encourage lively discussion.  Meets in room C15.


We are a diverse mix of our church family and focus on applying scripture to today’s problems.  We encourage open participation and visitors are always welcome. Teacher: Ron McAlister and Ron Miller.  Meets in room B2.


This adult class is open to all  ages.  The  class  study  material  is  International  Lesson  Series  “Adult  Bible Studies.”  The format is an open discussion lesson.  Teachers:  Robbie  Wallace  and Diane Dickey. Meets in room A5.


This class is  open to all ages.  Everyone is genuinely welcome! This  class  is  bible based using the International  Lesson Series “Adult Bible Studies”. The goal of this unit is to motivate others to share God’s message through the appropriate scripture lessons.  Meets in room A4.

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