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Center with Us

The Christian faith is a process of getting to know God and allowing that relationship to become the center of our existence. We do this by meditating on God's character, dwelling with God in silence, allowing ourselves be made like God. Prayer can take many forms. It can be as simple or complex as you choose. Here are some practices to assist on your journey.

The lord's Prayer /
The Our Father

When Jesus' disciples asked him how to pray, he taught them this prayer. Simple and profound on its own. We also find in it a roadmap of essential elements for any prayer.

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The Daily Office

A form of daily morning, midday and evening prayer and worship based on ancient practices that can help balance your life and keep you focused on God throughout the day.

Lectio Divina

A simple but powerful form of prayer in which one deeply reads scripture (lectio), reflects and re-reads (meditatio), responds in writing or prayer (oratio) and then spends time in quiet contemplation (contemplatio).

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Prayer Journaling

Journaling provides space to record your thoughts, hopes and prayers with God and how God answers. It is a written record of God's faithfulness and work in your life. Beautifully simple or artfully intricate. 

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